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Top 5 Snapchat Spy Apps without Verification

onitoring someone over Snapchat is not a cup of tea for everyone due to the security features of the application. Conversations are deleted automatically from the sender and receiver side as soon as the user navigates to other windows. It becomes an annoyance when anyone wants to keep an eye on others' Snapchat activity because the messages are auto-deleted after a specific period of time. You cannot keep a record of conversations by clicking snapshots as the users are notified which media is recorded by whom. After all these privacy terms, everyone wonders about finding an authentic way to monitor Snapchat. Spyier introduces the most reliable and efficient applications which work as the best spier for all social media platforms. Spying applications do not only monitor someone's activity over Snapchat but can also be helpful for recovering deleted messages. 1. Spyier It wouldn't be wrong calling Spyier a secret agent as it comes up with novel spying features. It is availabl

Smile Unveils New Limitless Data – No Data Cap, No FUP, No Throttling

Smile Communication has just added a new limitless data plan, it is known as Unlimited Platinum. This plan is suitable for those who loves downloading huge files in terabyte and also for those who love streaming FHD 1080p videos. This plan has been designed to satisfy all your internet needs and also give you total freedom to download and stream as much as you like without the fear of data being exhausted. According to Smile NG; Introducing the  UnlimitedPlatinum  plan! Get Unlimited Access to the Internet with speeds up to 6mbps  for  30 days with no limits. #UnlimitedPlatinum #SmileNG With the new Smile  UnlimitedPlatinum  plan, you'll get true unlimited access to the Internet with speed  up to  6Mbps  to browse, download and stream without thinking about data, speed throttling or Fair usage policy (FUP). Difference Between Smile Unlimited Platinum and Unlimited Premium Unlimited Platinum Unlimited Premium No data cap No data cap No FUP No FUP Speed 6Mbps Speed 3Mbps 30 days vali

How To Create A Mobile App Using Android Studio

From games to scheduling their lives people use their phones and the applications contained therein for all manner of activities. One of the most powerful tools available to the developers of such applications is the ability to dynamically load and fetch pages and information from the web. This guide will walk through how to setup Android Studio as well as how to construct a simple web browser from scratch which can load web pages, refresh, and use a simple bookmarks menu. This guide will learn your the basics of creating android apps and is a great starting point before getting your hands dirty on more advanced  Android App Templates  available on Codester. Installing Android Studio First things first, installing Android Studio is a simple affair. Using the following link: [ ] select “Download Android Studio”. Then choose the location to be installed to making sure that it has a good amount of space because every application that is