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How To Check UBA Account Number On Your Phone

How To Check UBA Account Number On Your Phone

I believe you have landed on this article because you are stuck in a situation where you really need to forward your UBA account number to someone but you can’t just remember your account number. Such circumstances need urgency and accuracy because you don’t want to send a wrong UBA NUBAN account number. There’s an urgent need to check a bank account number for correctness before transferring money to it and that’s the purpose of this article. 

I will be using a simple step-by-step guide to teach you how you can check, retrieve or get UBA account numbers directly on your mobile phone below.

How To Check UBA Account Number On Your Phone 

Things You Will Need:
Before you proceed to the know-how below, you need to make available the following details… if not, this guide is simply not for you. 
  1. Mobile number (associated with your account) 
  2. Full name 
  3. BVN (Click here to check your BVN) 
  4. Date of birth 
  5. Email address 
To get or know your UBA account number; Follow the steps below; 

1. Visit UBA bank on Twitter or Facebook (Click here to nd a link to their social media pages). 
2. Next, send them a message (DM) requesting to know your UBA account number accompanied with all the details (full name, BVN, email etc.) mentioned above. 
3. You will get a reply from them ASAP with your full NUBAN (10 digit account number) and that’s it. 

Alternatively, there are a couple of other ways I’ve used to check my UBA account number, those tactics have been covered in this post. You should check it out in case this doesn’t work for you
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