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How to choose a new URL for your YouTube account

How to choose a new URL for your YouTube account

You can now choose a new URL for your YouTube account that is more befitting of your brand
Are you stuck with your YouTube account URL you picked long ago that doesn't quite capture the essence of what you do anymore? Despair not, for YouTube is giving you a way out. You can now get a new custom URL that's more befitting of your brand. This is definitely better than opening up a brand new channel, and losing all of your previous subscribers. The option will be made available over the next week.

Starting this week, YouTube will be sending out emails and notifications to qualifying users that will give them the opportunity to claim a new URL.

YouTube will suggest some potential URLs for you to choose from based on your channel’s description, Google identify, and websites associated with your YouTube account. One you pick your new URL, your subscribers will be automatically redirected if they try to get to your account via the old URL.

Be careful, because once you change your URL once you won’t be able to change it again, so make sure it’s one you’re fully satisfied with.

How does it work?

First, you have to meet YouTube’s eligibility requirements, which are as follows:
  • 500 or more subscribers
  • Channels is at least 30 days old
  • Channel has uploaded a photo for the channel icon
  • Channel has uploaded channel art
You may also be able to qualify for a custom URL after linking and verifying your website with your YouTube channel.

You’ll know if you qualify for a new custom URL because YouTube will notify you via email. From there you can take the following steps:

Changing the Account URL

  • Sign in to YouTube and navigate to the Creator Studio.
  • Look for your “Get a new custom URL” notification and click in the included link
  • You’ll be redirected to claim a custom URL.
  • You’ll see the custom URL(s) you’ve been approved for. These cannot be changed. You may also need to add a few letters or numbers to make the URL unique to you.
  • Click the box next to “I agree to the Terms of Service” then click Change URL in the bottom left corner.
  • This URL will be linked to both your YouTube channel and your Google+ identity. Once your URL has been approved, you cannot request to change it. When you’re certain, click Confirm choice.
After that you should be all set to reap the benefits of your new URL.
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