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How To Recover Apple Password After Misplacing Password

How To Recover Apple Password After Misplacing Password

Forgetting things is normal, its really hard to keep everything in mind, and when it comes to things like password especially when it contains alphanumeric and special characters it may be pretty hard to remember, the question is “How To Recover Apple Password After Misplacing Password“.

It’s not advisable to use passwords which can be easily guessed. And when it comes to Apple devices (Mac), because of the cost and standard, most people will like to use a very strong password to prevent other users and hackers to gain access. Now what happens when you forget or misplace your Mac password?
On this post you will see the different methods of regaining full access to your Mac device without the help of an expert after you have forgotten your password.

How To Recover Apple Password After Misplacing Password

1. Make use of Apple ID Credentials

To use this method you must meet two requirements:
First, you must have linked your Mac device to your Apple account, which means you must have an Apple account linked to your Mac.
Second, “FileVault Disk Encryption” must not be enabled on your device. This use by Apple to prevent unauthorized access to Mac devices.
If you met both requirements, then you can use this method then follow me on this method.
After inputting your incorrect password into your Mac device for a couple of times you will receive a pop-up notice saying that “You Can Reset The Password Using Apple ID“, click on the button, it will take you to a section where you will provide your Apple ID credentials.
After which, you will regain full access to your Mac device and provide a new password to continue.
For those who have enable FileVault Disk Encryption but have not linked Mac device to Apple ID, on the process of enabling FileVault Disk Encryption you should see an option to store key in iCloud, only if you enabled the option then you will be able to this method.

2. Use Another Mac User Account

This method is contrary to the first method, this is because you will have to enable FileVault Encryption and also, you need to have more than a user accounts in your Mac device. Now that you cant remember your password, simply login with another user account.
Once logged in, given that there are necessary permissions, you can easily gain access to the other user profile, from the settings there, you can simply reset the password of the other user account or even create new user account, and delete the other one.

3. FileVault Disc Encryption Recovery Key

This method is specifically for those who must have enabled FileVault Encryption in their your Mac device, but yet to store its “Recovery Key” in iCloud. In a case of this nature, you cannot use Apple ID to gain access to your Mac device. But while setting up FileVault Encryption, after you did enable FileVault Encryption, the Mac had shown you a 24 letter “Recovery Key“, did you keep it safe?
The recovery key is just like a master password which can let you gain unlimited access to your Mac device. After misplacing your password go and copy your recovery key from wherever you saved it and login with it as your password. Once logged in then you will gain access and change your forgotten password to a new one.
Note: whoever have access to your recovery key can access your Mac device as a super admin to perform anything possible.

4. Use Mac OS X Recovery Mode

You can also use this method only when FileVault Encryption is not be enabled, also you mustn’t have activated UEFI password on your device, if you have activated UEFI password then you will have to provide the UEFI before getting to recovery mode. Note that UEFI password is different from the user account password, and if you misplace your UEFI password then you must go to Apple stores to get it back.
To regain access to your device in this method, you will have to put your Mac device into the Mac Recovery Mode. To do this, simply reboot your Mac, while rebooting, press and hold down “Command” key + “R” key. Instead of your Mac to show your login screen, it will open the “OS X Recovery Mode” of your device. On the screen you will see an option telling you to reset the password of your user account, then select the disc partition that consists of user details. After selecting, you can now enter a new password for the user to gain access back.

5. Another Mac OS X

On this method you will have to reinstall Mac OS X, but note, you will lose all your files doing this. It can be done via the Mac Recovery Mode, also note that if you have enabled UEFI password you will need to provide it before you can undergo this process. For those using outdated Mac version, you may want to use the traditional methods of re-installation, this is because you will not find re-installation on recovery mode.


And that is it any method you decide to use is up to you, they all can achieve the same aim. It is very common to misplace phone passwords but be ready to go through the rigorous process of password recovery anytime you fall a victim. Good thing is that using Gearbest coupon codes, you can good refurbished and unlocked Apple devices online at great prices. If you know any Apple password recovery method that is not listed here, let us know in the comment section.

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