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How do I use Messenger Rooms?

How do I use Messenger Rooms?

Messenger Rooms is a video chat room where you can use link sharing to connect to more people. Depending on your room settings, participants won’t need to download, log in to or connect on Messenger to join your call.

When you use Messenger Rooms these privacy settings apply:
  • Messenger Rooms can be locked or unlocked once a call begins.
  • The room creator can remove any unwanted participants.
  • Any participant can leave the room if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Participants can report the room name if you believe it violates our Community Standards. Keep in mind that reports will not include audio or video from the room.
  • If you have blocked someone on Facebook or Messenger they won’t be able to join a room you create and you won’t be able to join theirs if they are logged in to their Facebook or Messenger account.

Learn How Rooms Work

Room visibility
When you create a room on Facebook, you control who sees your room in News Feed by choosing who to invite.
Link sharing
Your room has a link that you can share with the people you invite. You can also choose to let anyone join with the link, including people who aren't your friends and those who don't have Facebook or Messenger.
Room locking
You have to be in your room for others to join. You can always lock your room if you don't want new people to join.
Stay Connected in Messenger Rooms
Donald, we know how important it is to feel close to those you care about when you can't be there in person. Messenger Rooms make it fast and easy for groups of friends and families to hang out together on video. We hope this helps you stay connected.
Create Room

Keep in mind that different products will have different settings. You can only allow invite link sharing if it is compatible with the other settings you select when you create the room on one of our products.
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