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How to Spy on an iPhone (100% Works in 2020)

How to Spy on an iPhone (100% Works in 2020)

iPhones have robust security measures in place. So, spying on them is not an easy task even for most seasoned hackers. Fortunately, there are iPhone surveillance apps that make it easy for anyone to spy on an iPhone.

How to Spy on Any iPhone

Although not all iPhone surveillance apps deliver a reliable service, some offer impeccable service. What’s more, some iPhone surveillance apps are technically advanced since they don’t require installation.

Read on to discover how you can spy on an iPhone using an app that offers a reliable service.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purpose and we do not take responsibility for whatever you decide to do with the information herein.

Neatspy – The best iPhone and iOS spy app

One of the most remarkable iPhone surveillance apps is Neatspy. The app supports all iOS and Android devices. The features and capabilities of this iPhone spy app are attracting the attention of media outlets like CNET.

If you want a trustworthy iPhone spyware, Neatspy gives reliable surveillance service. With Neatspy, you can spy on all the aspects of the target iPhone. No wonder, the app is gaining popularity around the world.

Neatspy comes with over 30 iPhone spy features that let you access virtually anything on the target iPhone. Best of all, the service takes place in stealth to ensure the iPhone user doesn’t notice your activities.

Why should you consider Neatspy?

Besides its features, Neatspy comes with unparalleled iPhone surveillance capabilities. Here are some of the reasons why Neatspy is the go-to iPhone spy app.

  1. Jailbreaking is unnecessary

With Neatspy, no installation on the target iPhone so you won’t have to jailbreak the iPhone. To achieve this, Neatspy uses cutting-edge technology. Neatspy uses the iCloud backup to spy on the target iPhone.

You only need to have iCloud credentials of the target. Jailbreaking an iPhone leaves the user vulnerable to malware since it compromises its security. Also, jailbreaking an iPhone voids its warranty.

Besides, the process of jailbreaking an iPhone requires technical skills that most people don’t have. Fortunately, Neatspy doesn’t require jailbreaking on the target iPhone to spy on it.

  1. 100% undetectable

All the iPhone surveillance activities with Neatspy take place in the background to avoid arousing suspicion. The app doesn’t interfere with the iPhone performance since it never uses system resources like memory.

Neatspy uses the iCloud backup to spy on an iPhone which makes it impossible to detect. Also, since jailbreaking is unnecessary, your target iPhone user won’t notice you are spying on them.

  1. Safe

With Neatspy, you are the only one who can access all the content on your dashboard. Also, the app protects the data privacy of the iPhone user by ensuring it doesn’t data from third-party apps.

  1. Web-based spy app

All the iPhone surveillance activities take place remotely via a web browser. So, you won’t need a special app to spy on the target iPhone. You can use any browser to log in to your Neatspy dashboard.

What’s more, it is a discreet way of accessing the target iPhone from anywhere.

How to spy on an iPhone using Neatspy

The process of spying on an iPhone using Neatspy is easy. It takes a few easy steps. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Start by visiting the official Neatspy website to signup for an account. As you signup, Neatspy will allow you to choose a plan that suits your iPhone surveillance needs. Also, you will get to select your login credentials.

Step 2: Configure the target iPhone. You will need to provide the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone. Provide the iCloud credentials and verify them.

Step 3: After setting up your target iPhone, Neatspy will let you access your dashboard. Here, you will have access to all the features that spy on different areas of the target iPhone.

Amazing Neatspy features

Neatspy comes with over 30 iPhone surveillance features. Here are some of them:

  1. Location tracking

Neatspy makes it easy to spy on the whereabouts of the target iPhone. It can track its GPS location and even give you a real-time location of the iPhone. With Neatspy, you will know the street address the iPhone user visits.

Also, it provides a comprehensive location history of the target iPhone. The app includes Google StreetView that lets you see the physical street. Besides, it includes a geofence feature that sends notifications after crossing the set boundary.

  1. Social media surveillance

Neatspy makes it easy to spy on all the popular social media apps. For instance, Neatspy can spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram. It gives you access to all the posts and chats on these apps.

As well, it can spy on all incoming and outgoing text messages from the iPhone. To ensure you don’t miss a thing, Neatspy archives all chats online even deleted ones. So, you can access them at a convenient time.

  1. Keylogger feature

Neatspy keylogger feature records all keystrokes made on the iPhone. The feature can capture sensitive details such as usernames and passwords used on the iPhone. Neatspy groups all the keystrokes by app.

  1. Spy on multimedia files

Neatspy can easily access all saved files on the iPhone. It lets you access videos, pictures, and documents. Even files shared on social media apps will be accessible with Neatspy.


To spy on an iPhone, you need a tried and tested phone surveillance. Most iPhone spy apps require installation and jailbreaking the target iPhone which is risky. Check out Neatspy for a reliable iPhone surveillance experience.

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