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10 Ideas For The Most Lucrative Side Hustles

  Do you need to make some money on the side? Well, you're not the only one. If your day job isn't enough to pay the bills, you've got to do something. When you have extra time, making extra money isn't impossible. Please continue reading to find out how to make money on the side. 1. Take surveys on the Internet  If you're interested in making a couple of bucks,  take surveys online . Organizations recruit new members from around the globe and they don't hesitate to pay to get insights into consumers. This is because it's crucial for them to boost their products and services, not to mention their marketing strategies. A few of hours sitting and clicking little bubbles is an easy path to become rich. Sign up with more than one site. The outcome is that you can take several surveys and you can select the most profitable options.   2. Drive for Uber  Uber provides you the opportunity to make money quickly. If you got a ride that meets the vehicle requirements,

FAQs on Importing from China to Nigeria

  We cannot end this guide without looking at the Frequently Asked Questions by our client and the feedback we have given them. Here is a look at these questions. Presidents of China and Nigeria 1) Who has the responsibility of ensuring that there is compliance with SONCAP regulations? The party that bears this responsibility is you the importer of your goods into Nigeria. You need to undertake this compliance procedure in China before exporting your goods to Nigeria. 2) What happens if I fail to claim my imports? Failure to claim your imports once they arrive at the port past 12 months will lead to the customs seizing and auctioning them. 3) What is the meaning of Manufacturer’s Certificate of Production under the destination inspection scheme? The Manufacturer’s Certificate of Production is a document that indicates the level of standard of production of your goods in a while in China. Such certificates include Nigeria Industrial Standards (NIS), British standards (ISO) and DIN. 4) W

How to Import from Alibaba to Nigeria

  Alibaba is one of the ways you can use to import your cargo from China to Nigeria. It is an online platform that enables you to engage with your potential suppliers. But how do you go about while importing from China to Nigeria? Here is a look at how you can import from Alibaba to Nigeria 1. Identify a product The first step you need to do is to identify a product that you want to import. This is essential as it will give you an idea of the market that you want to venture into for your imports. It will also give you an idea of the kind of the suppliers you want to supply your goods. There are several ways that you can come up with the product that you want to import. For instance, you can check on the top imports and select a product that you can import. 2. Search for potential suppliers Once you have identified a product that you can import, you need to look for suppliers for that product. With Alibaba, the easiest way you can search from suppliers is by checking on the reviews they

Importing from China to Sell Online in Nigeria

  If you are an online business person, you might be asking yourself how you can import from China and sell online in Nigeria. This is an important question especially in this digital era where your online marketing is taking root. Jumia Nigeria To assist you with this here is at the steps you can follow to import your goods from China and sell them Online. 1) Register your business You need to operate within the laws of Nigeria, as such, the first step involves registering your business. For this to happen, you will need to have a business name. The government authorities will issue you with the necessary permits for you to start your operations 2) Choose your product You will have to identify which product you want to import from China. Depending on your market niche, there are different products that you can select. You need to select goods that are unique and in high demand in Nigeria. This will reduce your inventory cost and help you increase your profit margin. 3) Source for manu

Shipping Imports from China to Nigeria

  If you have ordered your goods from China,   shipping to Nigeria , the option that you have is to ship them to Nigeria. The choice of which shipping option to use will depend on several factors. For instance, the shipping method that you use will be affected by the urgency of your goods. If you are in urgent need for your goods, you will have to pick a faster option. COSCO Shipping to Nigeria Also, you will have to consider the volume of your goods. There is a limit to the number of goods you can import using different shipping methods. The other factor you can consider is the nature of the goods that you are importing from China to Nigeria. There are some goods which cannot use certain shipping methods. You basically have two shipping methods that you can use to import your goods from China to Nigeria. That is air and ocean Shipment. Shipping your cargo via air is the surest way of importing your goods within a couple of days. Though it might cost you more, there is a guarantee of h

Importing from China to Nigeria Payment Terms

  There are several ways you can use to pay for your import from China to Nigeria. However, not all these  payment  options are secure for you to use. Nigerian   Naira Whichever method you choose for payment of your imports, needs to be secure and one which you pay for goods that you ordered. Some of the factors you can consider when selecting a payment option include the relationship between you and your supplier. You can also include the risks of using the payment option, the hidden charges for using the option and the speed of using the option. Let’s have a look at the commonly used payment options that you can choose to pay for your imports from China to Nigeria. · Telegraphic Transfer Telegraphic Transfer is an electronic method of making payments to your supplier or manufacturer in China. Under this method, you have to make payments first before your supplier delivers your goods. You need to remember that you will bear maximum risk by choosing to use this option for your payments

Know Nigeria Import Customs Clearance Procedures

  Understanding the customs procedures when importing from China to Nigeria will help with the faster clearance of your goods from China to Nigeria. Nigeria Customs Service Not following these procedures would mean paying fines for delays in clearance and having to wait longer at the customs. If you are in the importation business, this is something you don’t want to happen to your importation. To help you in understanding this, here is a look at the details involved. · Nigeria import regulations Let’s go through the  important import regulations  that you need to consider when importing to Nigeria from China You will be required to submit a dully completed e-form M electronically to your dealer bank which must be authorized by the CBN. You must attach this with the following  documents Proforma Invoice , insurance certificate and the necessary regulatory certificate such as NAFDAC or SONCAP. Certificate of incorporation There are some original documents which you will have to submit t