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FAQs on Importing from China to Nigeria

FAQs on Importing from China to Nigeria

 We cannot end this guide without looking at the Frequently Asked Questions by our client and the feedback we have given them.

Here is a look at these questions.

Presidents of China and Nigeria

Presidents of China and Nigeria

1) Who has the responsibility of ensuring that there is compliance with SONCAP regulations?

The party that bears this responsibility is you the importer of your goods into Nigeria.

You need to undertake this compliance procedure in China before exporting your goods to Nigeria.

2) What happens if I fail to claim my imports?

Failure to claim your imports once they arrive at the port past 12 months will lead to the customs seizing and auctioning them.

3) What is the meaning of Manufacturer’s Certificate of Production under the destination inspection scheme?

The Manufacturer’s Certificate of Production is a document that indicates the level of standard of production of your goods in a while in China.

Such certificates include Nigeria Industrial Standards (NIS), British standards (ISO) and DIN.

4) What is a Risk Assessment Report (RAR) and what is its function?

RAR refers to a document that indicates the level of risk that your import posses your scanning company will generate this report after considering some factors.

Such factors include Antecedent of the importer, antecedent of the exporter, types of goods and country of supply.

The function of this report is to enable the Nigeria Customs Services to determine the intervention level of your goods requires during the inspection.

5) Is it possible to register my trademark in Nigeria and start selling my products if the Chinese authorities issue their approval without getting NAFDAC approval?

No. you need to have a NAFDAC permit when you are importing your goods before you start selling them in Nigeria.

You will also have to get a permit to import samples of your imports.

We would like to hear from you in areas you would want clarifications or comments about the guide.

Get in touch with us today, and we will gladly offer our timely assistance to you.

6) What happens if my imports don’t comply with the SONCAP certification?

In case your goods don’t meet the SONCAP certification process, the customs will reject them at the port of entry.

You will therefore not get your goods into Nigeria.

The customs will then hold your cargo to allow for further testing.
If they fail to meet the standards, you will be forced to re-export the goods back to China.

Of importance to note is that you will be expected to bear all the cost while this is happening.


As it has turned out, importing from China to Nigeria is quite an easy process.

However, for you to be successful in importing, you need to follow the regulations that are in place.

The regulations include understanding the customs process as well as having the necessary finances to import.

You can facilitate your importation by hiring the right forwarder to assist you in importing your goods from China to Nigeria.

I believe you will make the right decisions when importing from China to Nigeria.

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