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Shipping Imports from China to Nigeria

Shipping Imports from China to Nigeria

 If you have ordered your goods from China, shipping to Nigeria, the option that you have is to ship them to Nigeria.

The choice of which shipping option to use will depend on several factors.

For instance, the shipping method that you use will be affected by the urgency of your goods.

If you are in urgent need for your goods, you will have to pick a faster option.

COSCO Shipping to Nigeria

COSCO Shipping to Nigeria

Also, you will have to consider the volume of your goods.

There is a limit to the number of goods you can import using different shipping methods.

The other factor you can consider is the nature of the goods that you are importing from China to Nigeria.

There are some goods which cannot use certain shipping methods.

You basically have two shipping methods that you can use to import your goods from China to Nigeria.

That is air and ocean Shipment. Shipping your cargo via air is the surest way of importing your goods within a couple of days.

Though it might cost you more, there is a guarantee of having your goods faster.

However, you cannot import everything using this mode.

For instance, there is a limit to the volume of goods that you can import to Nigeria from China.

You can, therefore, nit import bulky goods using air.

Qatar Cargo

Qatar Cargo

Also, there are some goods that you cannot import via air; they include certain hazardous cargo.

You, therefore, need to confirm with your forwarder before importing your goods.

Generally, you can import expensive items like jewelry and urgent cargo such as samples using air.

On the other hand, ocean shipment is ideal if you are importing bulky goods.

The cost of shipping using the ocean is relatively low than when you are using air.

The disadvantage you have with importing via the ocean is that it will take you longer for your goods to arrive in Nigeria.

The duration can be from a couple of weeks to months.

If you don’t have a tight schedule with your order, you can conveniently use this mode of shipping to import your goods from China to Nigeria.

Depending on the volume of your goods, you can ship your goods under LCL or FCL.

If you can fill a container, then FCL is your option.

On the other hand, if you are importing a small volume of your goods, then you can use LCL.

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