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Things to Import from China to Nigeria

Things to Import from China to Nigeria


Things to Import from China to Nigeria

As an importer, you need to import products that will sell quickly and those that will increase your profit margin.

There are a variety of products that you can import depending on your market niche.

Here is a look at these products.

Retail store in Nigeria

Retail store in Nigeria

i. Electronics appliance and gadget

  • Under this category, you can import a wide variety of products. They include:
  • Tablets and laptops which people can use as an alternative for Computers
  • Memory cards and flash disks for file storage
  • Smartphones and smart watches for communication and accessory purposes

ii. Fashion Accessories

Products that you can import under this category include:

Makeup which women use for beautification purposes

Shoes – You can either import casual or formal shoes which are in high demand in Nigeria.

Sportswear especially football kits which much Nigerian youth uses for training and playing purposes.

Clothing – Here, you can import any clothing be it formal or informal clothing.

Children wear especially those that toddlers and youth wear to look fashionable

iii. Home and Office appliances

This category includes those items that you can find in most homes and offices in Nigeria.

These products include the following:

  • Computer and laptops. The demand for laptops and computers is in high demand in Nigeria especially among business people and in offices.
  • CCTV cameras and their security surveillance systems. If you want to specialize in the security market of importing, then this needs to be your segment
  • From cameras to security software like fingerprint scanners, you can win big by importing these items.
  • Projectors which go in hand with laptops or computers when making presentations during board meetings or in seminars.
  • Safety appliances such as fire extinguishers. These items are important for preventing fire outbreaks and safety of the occupants in offices and houses.
  • Printers and scanners which play as an important accessory in offices.

iv. Automobiles

Items which you can import under this category include:

  • Motor vehicles
  • Tractors and heavy machinery
  • Motorcycles commonly known as “Okada” and tricycles
  • Automobile spare parts.

Other items that you can import from China to Nigeria include:

  • Batteries
  • Agricultural machinery including plowing and harvesting machines
  • Musical instruments which have a niche in the entertainment industry
  • Solar based equipment such as generators or panels which are in use as an alternative source of electricity.

List of Prohibited and Restricted Imports from China to Nigeria

One aspect of your importation that you need to be careful when importing from China to Nigeria is understanding the prohibited and restricted imports regulations.

Here are some goods that you should never import from China to Nigeria.

These are the prohibited goods which the customs will confiscate if you import them.

Prohibited imports

Prohibited imports

They include the following:

  • Pork
  • Nuclear industrial waste
  • Alcoholic substances
  • Drugs and narcotics
  • A medicament which falls under the headings of 3003 and 304. You need to confirm which ones are they before importing them
  • Waste pharmaceuticals
  • Corrugated paper and paperboards
  • Used motor vehicles above 15 years from the date of manufacture
  • Bagged cement
  • Certain furniture items
  • Water including mineral water
  • Carpets and certain textile floor covering
  • Used compressors and used fridges and freezers
  • Second-hand clothing

How to Order Goods from China to Nigeria

The starting point of your importation is to order goods from China to Nigeria.

There are several ways you can order your goods from China to Nigeria.

Whichever methods you use, you need to ensure that it is secure and that at the end of the day you will have your goods.

Here is a look at the most commonly used methods of ordering your goods from China to Nigeria.

· Use Chinese Sourcing Agents

The best thing about using Chinese sourcing agents to order your goods is that you can capitalize on their networks.

Most sourcing agents have a wide network of suppliers and manufacturers which you can use to order your goods.

What happens is that you will contact your sourcing agents detailing the kind of goods that you want to import.

Your sourcing agent will search for a list of your favorite products.

They will use parameters such as cost, MOQ, and delivery time to source for suppliers and manufacturers for you.

Once they come up with a list of possible suppliers and manufacturers, they will present it to you.

They will then take you through each of the suppliers or manufacturers giving you the advantage and disadvantage of each.

This will enable you to settle for the best supplier for your goods.

Though ordering using a sourcing agent is beneficial as it can help you order quality goods at a lower price, there are some limitations.

For instance, your sourcing agent may not be in a position to disclose the details of your supplier.

Also, they may slow down your importation process since they are middlemen in your importation process.

· Order Goods Directly from Chinese Factory or Supplier

You can opt to order goods directly from a Chinese factory or supplier.

This is common especially if you are old in the industry and thus has established a lasting relationship with your supplier.

If you are a newbie, it will take a lot than ordering directly from your supplier.

For instance, you will have to visit the factory of your supplier to check on the production process.

Search for suppliers

Search for Suppliers

You will also have to request for samples to confirm that the products that you will be importing are of the right quality.

Once you are OK with your supplier, you can now go ahead and order your products.

The advantage you will have with this method is that you have control over your order.

As such, you can contact them in case of any problem relating to your products.

Also, the fact that you are dealing directly with your manufacturer or supplier means that you have eliminated intermediaries.

You are therefore able to order goods at a lower price.

Apart from that, you are in a position to negotiate with your supplier or manufacturer on the details of your products.

This includes the price, the delivery time and the MOQ.

· Use Online Market Places

Online Marketplaces are the other method you can use to order your product from China to Nigeria.

These refer to secure and trusted sites on the internet that you can use to order your goods from China to Nigeria.

There are a couple of sites.

However, the common ones are AlibabaAliExpress and DH gate.

Online Marketplaces

Online Marketplaces

If you are an importer who wants to import a large volume of goods in wholesale, then you can check out Alibaba.

Alibaba allows you to interact with several suppliers depending on your needs.

You can engage your suppliers or even your manufactures on the cost of your products.

You can also consider the MOQ and the delivery lead time for your products.

The advantage of using Alibaba is that you can easily see the reviews of your supplier based on their previous works.

You are therefore able to pick a reliable supplier based on how well they handled their previous customers.

AliExpress, on the other hand, offers you an opportunity to import small quantities preferably for retail purposes.

Being a sister company to Alibaba, there is a guarantee of quality and delivery of your products from your supplier.

Other online sited that you can use to search for your suppliers include Made in China and DH gate.

However, whichever site you pick, it needs to be secure and offer you protection from scammers.

You also need to do a background check on the suppliers before you engage them for your importation.

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