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How to Get an Internationally Accepted Credit Card in Nigeria with Ease

How to Get an Internationally Accepted Credit Card in Nigeria with Ease

 FREE REPORT - How to Get an Internationally Accepted Credit Card in Nigeria with Ease 

2 Thank you for downloading my free report. My name is Oyedepo John. I am a Trainer, Blogger, an Info Marketer, and a Netpreneur. I blog at train people on building online business that guarantees 6- figure per month at and my company also provide an affordable Domain Registration and Web Hosting service at among other products and services we render. I have written this free report to open your eyes on a long-time hidden secret to acquiring a worldwide accepted credit card right here in Nigeria. By the end of this free report, you should be able to purchase anything online where Credit Card is required. BTW, you can SHARE this free report with friends, on your website, blog or as a give-away to your subscribers AS IT IS. You have NO rights whatsoever to edit the content herein. You have NO RESALE RIGHTS to this free report. Freely it was given, freely it shall be distributed! Alright Maybe you ve seen wonderful products on the internet and you wish you could purchase that product but the mode of payment is what you don t have.

3 Millions of ecommerce websites and other service rendering sites only accept Paypal and Credit Cards but the problem we face as Nigerians is overwhelming. First, we are not accepted by Paypal so we can t use Paypal to purchase on the internet. And second, not all these websites will accept Nigerian-issued Credit Cards. Let me give you a live illustration Last year, I decided to place some adverts on Facebook for some of my products and services. And just as most other websites, it s either you pay with Paypal or Credit Cards. Since Paypal is out of it, I went with the Credit Cards option. Of course, I have a Master Card from GTBank. It is called GTB Naira MasterCard. It is a Credit Card (Master Card) which can also be used on the internet to purchase products and services. So I tried to use my GTB Naira MasterCard to pay for my Facebook ads but unfortunately it was rejected. Why?

4 To be sincere, I don t know. I have been using this GTB Naira MasterCard on other websites and it worked. It is the card I am using for my Online Mini Importation Business and it is still working for me. But I don t know the reason why Facebook refuse to acknowledge this card. Because of this, I started doing some research and it was during this time I realised that Facebook don t actually accept the GTB Naira MasterCard. So I continued my search for an easier way to pay for Facebook ad and finally I got the solution. The solution is UBA Africard. Without much ado, let s go straight to business You will agree with me that acquiring a worldwide accepted card in Nigeria is as tough as getting a good job as a graduate in Nigeria. And at times, after getting a credit card, most websites won t even accept the card. Well, the UBA Africard has never been rejected on any website since I ve been using it.

5 The UBA Visa Prepaid card (Africard) is a debit card variant denominated in Naira and is pre-funded and re-loadable. It is internationally accepted in all Visa acceptance points (ATM, PoS & Web). The UBA Africard is actually a Debit Card (generally thought to be Credit Card) but I am not here to lecture you on different types of cards that we have, rather to show you how to acquire a functional, reloadable, worldwideaccepted card that you can use virtually on any website across the world without any wahala. One of the reasons I so much love this card is because it is reloadable. And most of all, you can fund it with Naira. Another important aspect to note is that, you don t even have to operate an account with UBA.

6 UBA Africard Features Real time banking transactions Balance enquiry Purchase at POS Purchase on WEB (online) ATM Cash withdrawal POS cash Advance Mini account statement Card to Card transfer Worldwide acceptance: Visa Prepaid is accepted at millions of locations worldwide. Instant payment: Faster than writing cheque or running to ATM. Makes shopping simple: Book travel and shop online in addition to making your everyday purchases fast and convenient. Benefits of UBA Africard Creates a simple convenient alternative to cash or debit card payments. No need to open or have a bank account in order to have a Prepaid Card. The card issuance process is simplified. Provides better record keeping than cash (a history of transactions spent on the Prepaid Card is available on GTP card management system which is available on the internet).

7 Increase the feeling of security as the Prepaid Card holder remain in control of the card during transactions - a personal identification number (PIN) is used alongside the Prepaid Card as well as an SMS Text Alert is received in real time with the transaction placed. Eliminates the need to carry large sums of cash. When cash is lost or stolen, the money is gone forever and in most cases cannot be recovered. In the case of a lost or stolen Prepaid Card, the value on the cardholder s account remains intact and can be transferred onto a replacement card or another Prepaid Card. Allow for the non-banking population (non-account holders) to obtain a Visa Prepaid Card and become part of a financial world. Debit card holders afraid of using their debit cards on the Internet for purchases may obtain a Prepaid Card which can be used solely for that purpose and is not linked to their domicile account. How to Apply for UBA Africard Getting this card is as simple as ABC. The Africard is issued by United Bank for Africa (UBA). To acquire this card, you will need the following: Utility Bill (e.g. NEPA Bill) 2 Passport Photographs National ID Card (for alternatives, you can ask any UBA branch near you) Seven Hundred Naira

8 It s as simple as that. Once you are ready to go for this card, just enter any UBA branch with the above requirements and you will go out of the bank with a VISA Card called UBA Africard. Mind you, if you don t have a National ID Card, try to go with any ID Card that you have. If you don t have any, go with your Voter s ID Card. If you still don t have that, you might want to visit any UBA branch around you and talk to them about it. They might give you a better option. On the money aspect, you should go with at least N1,000, although you will not be spending up to that amount. This is a breakdown of the money; N500 for the card N100 for depositing into the card N100 for activating the card Once you get to any branch of UBA bank, go straight to the Customer Representative section and ask the person on sit Pls where can I open an account? The person should be able to direct you to the right person. Once you get to the person in charge of opening new UBA bank accounts, tell him/her that you want to obtain a card account called UBA Africard.

9 Now listen, the person might not understand what you meant because that was so in my own case and people has complaint the same thing to me. In case the person doesn t know what you are saying, tell him/her that what you want is a PREPAID CARD or CARD ACCOUNT. I think that is the language they understand. If the person still doesn t understand, then be sure to print out this image and show the person: =========== Once the person understood what you are saying, you will be presented with a FORM to fill. Fill the account opening form with your appropriate information. But while doing this, you have 2 options a card with a name on it and a card without name on it. If you want to collect your Africard immediately, make sure to choose the option that won t require your name to be on the card. But if you want them to inscribe your name on the card, then it will take about a week before you can collect your card. In my case, I chose not to inscribe my name on the card and I was given the card instantly after depositing money into it. Now, after you are through with filling the form, you will be giving an account number to go make deposit into. Go to the Teller and deposit your N1,000

10 note into the account number. Then go back to the account opening guy and he will finalize everything and give you your AFRICARD. This is what happened with your money; The first money to be deducted from your N1,000 is N500. This N500 is for CARD. The next money to be deducted is N100. This is for depositing money into the card. This is because for every deposit or withdrawal made on this account, you will be charged N100. That is, if you deposit money into your card account, UBA will charge you extra N100. And if you withdraw from the ATM using your Africard, UBA will also charge you N100. The last money to be deducted from the deposited N1,000 is another N100. They will charge you this amount once you activate the Africard using any UBA ATM Machine. The total money used to acquire the card is N700. The remaining N300 (out of the N1,000 initially deposited) will still remain in the card. After obtaining the card, you will need to activate it and that comes in 2 steps; ATM Activation and Online Activation. Immediately you ve been issued the card, get out of the bank and go straight to the ATM Machine (it must be UBA ATM Machine), insert your Africard, enter

11 the default PIN on the slip (you will be given this) and then change your card s PIN to a new one. NOTE: This is like your normal ATM card. So just go on and change the PIN just as you will to a normal ATM card. Immediately you successfully changed the PIN, you will be alerted of the action and don t forget, N100 will be charged from your card account for ACTIVATION. The second step is Online Activation. When getting the card, you will be given a piece of paper with the card. Inside this paper are the details about this VISA Card and instructions on how to use the card. So to activate this card, you will need to visit the website written on that paper and follow the instruction. At the moment, I can t remember the website address. Just read through the paper given to you alongside the CARD and you will understand better. Once you are on the website, change your PIN (Pass Code) immediately. It is on this same website that you will be able to transfer money to other card holder s account, check balance and do some other stuffs. This second steps in activating your card doesn t come with any charge it is free. That is all!

12 You have successfully obtained a Credit Card, activated and ready to be use anywhere VISA is been accepted or anywhere you see the VISA logo. Note that Master Card and Visa Card are the top 2 types of Credit Cards we have. So wherever you see Credit Card, it is 99.9% sure that VISA Card will be accepted. How to Fund Your UBA Africard The UBA Africard is just like a normal Savings Account but in this case, it has no personal account to be attached to it is just a CARD. Opening this account entitled you to what we call a Card Account. Whenever you are ready to start purchasing for products and services on the internet or you wanted to start your own mini importation business, you will need to fund your card so that you will be able to make payment online. To fund or deposit money into this card, you will need to go make a cash deposit into your Card Account Number. Funding this card is just like depositing money into a Savings Account. Your UBA Africard comes with an Account Number. To get this Account Number, check the back of the card bottom right corner - and you will see a 10-digit number there. That is your Card Account Number. As you can see, it is a NUBAN number, i.e. 10 numbers just as your normal bank account.

13 So to add money into your card, write down the card account number at the back of the card, go to any branch of UBA bank and deposit money into that account number. It is necessary to tell the Teller (or Cashier) that the account you are about to deposit into is a card account. This is because it is a card account and it is treated as such. When depositing into your UBA Africard account, always make sure you add an extra N100 because you will be charge N100 for funding or depositing money into the card. How to Withdraw Money from UBA Africard Just like I said earlier, your UBA Africard is just like any other type of bank account, you can save money into it and also you can withdraw from it. It only difference is that the card won t be attached to any bank account, per se. So to withdraw your money from this card, just walk to any ATM Machine (with the VISA logo) anywhere in the world, insert your Africard, enter your PIN and withdraw your money.

14 That is all! Very simple, right? You now have a powerful, worldwide-accepted VISA Card in your hand. You can now buy any item on the internet securely without any fear of rejection. With this card, you have no fear of hackers emptying your account because the card is not in any way linked to your personal bank account. You can use this card virtually on any website, PoS or ATM that accepts VISA cards. I have used this card for importing from abroad, especially from China, UK, US and from Malaysia. I have used it to place advertisement on Facebook. I have used it for Google Adwords. And I have used it successfully on so many other websites that reject some Nigerian-issued Credit Cards. I believe you have benefited from this short, value-filled, free report. My intention was to sell this report but I decided to give it away free of charge because of my subscribers who are clamouring for it. I hope you will make good use of it.

15 If you have any question about what you ve read, please do let me know. I am always a second away. Thanks for reading thus far. I remain my humble self, Oyedepo John (Call: 9am to 5pm Weekdays only; SMS: 24/7) Learn Online Mini Importation Business Before the N34,000 worth of bonuses got exhausted, get your own copy now. Go to now!

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