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How To Reduce/Compress Excel File Size (5 Ways)

How To Reduce/Compress Excel File Size (5 Ways)

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With the increase in usage of Personal Computers in every field, a lot of office work has been shifted to computers.

Today, the most used office software is the MS Office Suite of tools which consists of MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint and much more.

These are used to fro word processing, presentations and much more. Out of these, MS Excel is most widely used as a spreadsheet software for stats and accounting works as well as storing tabular data.

It has a grid of cells that are specially formatted to handle numerical data. This data can also be automatically processed to create charts and graphs for better analysis.

MS Excel is perfect software, but there is one thing that bugs users. With an increase in usage, the Excel files tend to bloat and their sizes increases at a high rate.

It becomes a problem when officials need to email their essential documents and attachments become very heavy.

Hence, there needs to be a way to reduce excel file size without deleting data. If you are a regular Excel user and are looking for a way to reduce excel file size without losing data, then we have a perfect solution for you.

Here is a full list of the reasons for bloating of excel file size as well as a way to reduce them.


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