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How To Remove Preinstalled Apps On Windows 10

How To Remove Preinstalled Apps On Windows 10

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You are a Windows 10 or 8 user that’s why you are here searching on the process toRemove Preinstalled Apps on Windows 10? I am also using Windows 10 and I know how many Preinstalled Apps they have in this version. It all started with Windows 8. They are adding these apps so that it is easy for users with a touch input display. It is Ok to think of your consumers but they should have given an easy way to uninstall these apps too.

Do not worry guys, I do have a solution to your problem and it’s a very easy one. You just need to copy-paste some of the commands and the rest work is of your computer. When we click on the All Apps button, we see a whole bunch of useless apps. All these preinstalled apps are rarely used. They are more of a smartphone app than a computer app. The following are methods to Remove Preinstalled Apps on Windows 10.


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