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Low Cost Traffic Heaven. How To Generate Low Cost Traffic To Your Websites Find The Perfect SEO Outsourcing Source

Low Cost Traffic Heaven. How To Generate Low Cost Traffic To Your Websites Find The Perfect SEO Outsourcing Source

1 Low Cost Traffic Heaven How To Generate Low Cost Traffic To Your Websites Find The Perfect SEO Outsourcing Source

2 What Methods Are Covered My secret SEO outsourcing solution. How to start your own SEO agency with this company and resell their services. Using Adwords and the new Google Product Listing Ads to get physical products from your store or your client s store in front of millions of potential buyers using Google product search. MSN Adcenter for quality low cost traffic. How to get solo ads for almost free or half price.

3 My Secret Outsourcing Solution SubmitInMe.com

4 Low Cost Outsourcing

5 SubmitInMe.com Outsourcing Benefits SEO services by a professional company that you don t have to train. Saves hours of time and money finding the right person to outsource your SEO tasks to. No need to understand the latest SEO changes. They stay up to date on the current methods that are working for traffic and exposure. Easy to use interface for keeping track of all projects. Manual Submissions (No Software)

6 SubmitInMe.com SEO Services SEO Packages Combination of Traffic Methods Press Release Writing & Distribution Ecommerce Promotion Coupon Distribution Video Distribution Article Marketing with Assured Links Directory Submissions 9 Different Packages Social Bookmarking Local Business Directory Submissions Blog Promotion Link Wheels Infographics Syndication On Page SEO Services Social Media Services

7 Example Service Submission to 90+ Press Release Sites Manually Would take you probably 4 to 5 Hours Minimum

8 Example Project Dashboard Easily keep track of your projects.

9 Example Project Dashboard Easily keep track of your projects.

10 Start Your Own SEO Agency You can easily resell these services to your subscribers list and even set up a website to sell the services from. A good price to sell these services is to at least double the price to your customers of the price you pay to SubmitInMe.com if it is over $100 for the service. For example: Your cost for a service is $100 you would charge $200 and can go up or down to experiment with optimal conversions. A good price for the lower cost services like the press release submission service is to go like 5 times the price you pay them. For example: Your cost for the press release submission service is $21 and you can charge $100 to $125 with no problems. This is my price point that converts. You have an excellent profit margin to work with. They are used to working with companies that outsource.

11 Start Your Own SEO Agency Create a basic Wordpress site using one of the defaul Wordpress themes. Create categories for the different types of services. Model how SubmitInMe.com sells their services. Use their wording (don t copy exactly) to create different products. Focus on one or two products first like a press release submission service. Consider bundling offers together. Accept payments and then pay SIM from their website for the service. Give them your client details as they will request so you can complete the projects.

12 Start Your Own SEO Agency You can sell these services to: Offline business owners. Your own list. Build this site and drive traffic to it on your own or using the SIM services. Buy PPC ads to this site once it is up. Just get it out there and take advantage of this new income source sitting in front of you!

13 Google Adwords Product Listing Ads This next method will only work if you have your own ecommerce online store that is selling physical products like dog collars, swimming pool covers, gardening tools, camping gear. Of course if you have clients that you are marketing for already or plan to start your own ecommerce website this will be perfect for you as well. This will help you get clicks in Google in the range of $0.10 to $0.15 per click from people that are more serious about buying than regular Google users. People on the new Google Shopping (Previously Known as Froogle).

14 Google Adwords Product Listing Ads It also helps you take advantage of a huge shift within Google so you can get your products listed ahead of other competition. Google no longer let s businesses be listed in the Google Product Search Database for free. They are charging for the traffic, but the exposure and low cost per click is worth it for sure. If you only do affiliate marketing or are selling digital products you can skip this method for now, but hold onto it if you pick up a client that sells physical products online or if you start your own ecommerce website.

15 Google Shopping

16 Google Adwords Product Listing Ads To use this method you will need to have a Google Merchant account and a Google Adwords account. You can of course have them under the same Google account. You just need to create one Google account for this. First create your Google Account by going to Next create your Google Merchants Account.

17 Google Adwords Product Listing Ads

18 Google Adwords Product Listing Ads

19 Google Merchants Help After creating your datafeed you need to upload it to Google Merchants so your products can go into Google Shopping. For help uploading your datafeed, formatting issues, or an overview of how it all works check out the support area for Google Merchants.

20 Google Product Listing Ads Setup Visit and search for Google Product Listing Ads. This will return a step-by-step article that will guide you through setting up these Product Listing Ad Campaigns. Here is the article link: You can also set it up inside your Google Merchants account.

21 Google Product Listing Ads Setup Inside your Google Merchants account you can click on the Blue Set Up Listing Ads Campaign button on your Dashboard page.

22 Google Product Listing Ads Setup Important Points Make sure you link your Google Adwords account to your Google Merchants account. From Left Navigation inside Google Merchants click on Settings, then Adwords to enter Adwords Customer ID located on top right of Adwords account Make sure Ad Extensions are setup for your campaign and have it go to your products inside Google Merchants. Use the Google Tutorials or try to use their setup wizard if at all possible to avoid confusion. Set your max clicks for $0.15 or lower and tweak as you see fit. You will be getting clicks from more serious buyers.

23 Google Product Listing Ads Monitor inside your Google Adwords account. Consider setting up conversion tracking as well.

24 MSN Adcenter

25 MSN Adcenter Advertise your websites on Bing and Yahoo from one location. Tap into around 30% of all searches online. Much lower Cost Per Click than Google on average. Set a lower budget and a lower CPC and you can see a good return on your investment. Setup your first campaign inside MSN Adcenter. Model other ads from websites that appear to be working with their advertisements.

26 Low Cost Solo Ads Most people know about solo ads. Here is a brief overview of them: You pay a marketer with a list to send out on your behalf to a squeeze page or offer page. The goal is to build your leads and they tend to be very targeted leads most of the time if you are purchasing from people you know and trust. I am going to discuss a strategy that many of you are doing and if you are not doing it you should start very soon.

27 My Favorite Sources for Buying Solo Ads (Monthly Fee) Online marketing forums. (Free) Article Directories and their resource boxes.

28 Tip for Saving On Solo Ad To get the most benefit for your solo ad you should send to a squeeze page so you can promote to people later on. Include a one time offer to pay for your solo ad or even cut your expense in half. So after they opt-in instead of sending them straight to the download page you send them to a sales page for a super good deal. This could even be compiled with quality PLR material or material that you have created. Have the send them the download link and have the special offer link mention they will get their download links after scrolling below.

29 Tip for Saving On Solo Ad If you do a solo ad for 300 clicks and you paid $100, and got 100 people to opt-in to your offer, and sold even just 5 of those on your one time offer which is priced at $10. You just made $50 to reinvest in another solo ad or to hold onto and you got your advertising for half price! Here is the sequence of what your offer funnel should look like when purchasing solo ads. Squeeze Page Confirmation Message or Redirect Straight to Super Special Offer Page. Confirmation Link (When Clicked) Goes to Special Offer page with note at the top to scroll below for free downloads. Provide free download links by as well with a PS reminder to the special offer page. Include one or two s following up about free offer and remind about the special offer.

30 Low Cost Traffic Wrap Up This was intended to be an overview of a few low cost traffic methods that have been working well for me. If nothing else make sure you look into SubmitInMe.com for your outsourcing needs in regards to SEO and online marketing services. Don t underestimate the traffic you an get with MSN Adcenter as well for a fraction of the cost with Google.

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