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MTN Launches TikTok Social Bundles

MTN Launches TikTok Social Bundles

MTN Nigeria recently launched customized TikTok social bundles to cater for the growing number or TikTok users in the country. The new plans are available via *131*3*4# ranging from #50 (200MB daily) and #350 (2GB weekly). Customers who have installed the application are eligible to access this bundle.

MTN TikTok social bundles will allow customers to enjoy access to all their favorite contents including video uploading, downloading, and sharing, as well as chatting, etc.

TikTok Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is eligible for this offer?

A. All MTN customers who are having TikTok app installed on their phones are eligible to enjoy the TikTok Bundle.

Q. How do I access TikTok Bundle?

A. To access the bundle, simply dial *131*3*4# on your mobile phone and select your preferred plan.

Q. Can I subscribe to TikTok Bundle through SMS?

A. Yes, you can. Simply send the keyword of your preferred TikTok bundle plan to 131.

Q. Can I access all social apps with the MTN TikTok Bundle?

A. No, but you can access other social apps including TikTok App if you subscribe to All Social Bundle plans. Simply dial *131*3*6# and select your preferred plan OR send the keyword of your preferred All Social Bundle to 131.

Q. Can I access all contents on the TikTok app if I buy the TikTok bundle?

A. Yes, you would only be able to browse textual and pictorial contents, play videos, and download contents with the bundle.

Q. How much is the TikTok bundle?

A. The subscription charges are as follows.

TikTok Bundle Price:

  • Daily plan – N50
  • Weekly plan – N350

Q. Will my subscription be bundled with data allowance?

A. Yes but fair usage policy applies as follows.

TikTok Bundle Size:

  • Daily plan – 200MB
  • Weekly plan – 2GB

Q. How do I check my TikTok bundle balance?

A. To check your bundle balance, dial *131*4#.

Q. Will I be able to roll over my unused TikTok bundle data allowance?

A. Yes, you will be able to auto-renew the bundle when you have sufficient balance and your unused data will be rolled over.

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