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11 Startups make it to the Inovo Programme

11 Startups make it to the Inovo Programme

K-Nigeria TEch Hubin a tweet via her official Twitter handle and in a newsletter announced the top 11 startups who made it to her pilot Inovo programme- an accelerator programme for early-stage startups providing innovative solutions to problems caused by COVID across the Health, Education and Agriculture sector in Nigeria are unveiled in this post. 

These startups beginning in March and for a period of three months will receive capacity building, lean startup training, mentorship, and support to rapidly scale their products and business models by directly engaging on the Accelerator Squared platform.



The  iNOVO programme has some incredible partners which include MSG91, Sidebrief, AWS and Miro which are collectively providing support and credits valued at $15,000 per startup. 

The Top winning startups Include:

  1.     Agriple – Provides farmers with predictive analytics to determine the best crops to plant.
  2.   Farmer First Technologies – Online platform providing farmers with microloans and direct access to buyers at competitive market prices.  
  3.   Foodbank.ng – A mobile and web app providing households access to hassle-free food loans while reducing food wastage for retailers.  
  4.     Rural Farmers Hub – Providing farmers with Near-real-time crop advisory services using satellite-based remote imagery and sensing.  
  5. Afrilearn – Curriculum-relevant video lessons combined with gamified exam practice for Africans, anywhere.  
  6. DigiLearns – AI-based Mobile adaptive learning tool that grants access to high-quality educational content via SMS or USSD.  
  7. Schoola – A multilingual, gamified learning solution for K-12 schools that uses AI for Analytics and content generation.  
  8.   Gleeworld Pharmacy – A telepharmacy and medication delivery platform.
  9.   Pharmaserv Health Project – software-as-service procurement platform enables healthcare providers to streamline, access and procure their essential medicines seamlessly.  
  10. Wellvis – provides vetted medical information, telemedicine consultations on a pay-as-need basis or via prepaid health plans. 
  11. Medipal Healthcare a robust cloud-based hospital management system designed to help Hospitals digitalize and automate their processes while helping patients get access to medical services on the go.

In addition to the 11 Startups in the programme, there are an additional 100 startups that have been offered life-time access to the digital Accelerator Squared platform where they can use the modules to help build and scale their startup into a successful business. The Inovo programme is in partnership with Startup bootcamp Afritech and Ventures Platform as implementing partners.

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