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How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story

A quick guide on how to add that 'Swipe Up' link to your Insta story! With the COVID-19 running rampage and most people restricted to their homes, engaging in social distancing, many are turning to social media for news, entertainment, and ease the monotony of isolation. And with more and more users familiarizing themselves with Instagram, a frequently asked question is,  "How does one share a link on their Instagram story?" You have most likely powered up the app, initiated a story, but that 'insert link' button is nowhere in sight. There is a straightforward explanation for this:  not everyone has access to this feature . There are two instances where you can post a link via Instagram stories: You have over 10,000 followers. You have a verified account because you're a public figure or represent an established brand. If you have worked hard to amass a loyal following of over 10,000 people, then hurray! Peep the instructions on how to work that link below