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If you haven’t actually taken the time to search for North Cyprus universities in Europe, then you may be surprised to hear this.  You can study abroad with 50% – 100% scholarships in universities in Cyprus. Studying in abroad should be a must for every student in the world to experience. Being an international student means you get to enjoy the conducive environments as well as experiencing other lovely cultures all around the world.
Many Nigerians are simply not able to enroll in schools outside their home country due to lack of adequate finance. As a result, many strive to find scholarship opportunities that come hand in hand with quality education. If you are a Nigerian who wishes to experience quality European education at relatively cheaper prices, Universities in Cyprus are your perfect bet.
EMU and CIU of North Cyprus Universities seek to provide these for prospective international students like you. You get to pursue Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. programs in North Cyprus Universities.
CyprusUni serves thousands of international students who wish to study at top ranking universities in North Cyprus and Eastern Europe. As a Nigerian, it does not take so much to study in any of these schools especially since WASSCE results are accepted for Undergraduate courses. Ultimately, great results mean that you stand a high chance of being awarded any of these scholarship opportunities provided.

Types of Scholarships  Available for Nigerian International Students

100% scholarships are always eyed by many students, however, they are normally awarded to students who performed remarkably well. It is pretty intense considering the numbers embarking on 100% undergraduate scholarships from Nigeria. 
Also, for Nigerian international students who would want to further their education with a Master’s degree or a Ph.D., the competition is also high. gives you peace of mind by processing your Study in Cyprus Universities Admission well and fast. Enabling you gain admission and travel as an international student without stress.
Alongside Iran, Nigeria is classified as a Group F country. The group F classification means that Nigerians are awarded a guaranteed full location-based scholarship to one in every 50 students who apply through CyprusUni. 
The remaining students are also considered for merit-based 50% – 100% international students scholarships to study in Cyprus, Europe.
The 25% and 50% scholarships are gracefully offered to Nigerian applicants applying for most courses. Though they are awarded on merit basis, Medicine and Pharmacy are exceptions. 
When it comes to Athletics, Cyprus Universities are usually passionate about them. With that, they readily offer scholarship opportunities to successful Nigerian athletes who apply.  Being awarded a sports scholarship means, you have the chance of full payment or part payment of tuition fees and/or accommodation fees. 
With families at heart, there are also scholarships available for siblings and couples who attend the same university. The discount rates offered for siblings depends on the number enrolled in the same university. Similarly, research assistantship and student assistantship opportunities are obtainable.

Average Tuition Fees in Cyprus Universities (excluding scholarships)

Tuition fees in Cyprus Universities vary, however, they are closely priced amongst each other. Each school also has different environments based on the location of their campuses, however, they still provide the similar feeling that comes with living in Cyprus – this is the turquoise bliss of aesthetically pleasing landscapes and environment. Below is a listed comparison of prices based on different features such as nationality and level of study:
Even though fees are relatively lower for international students when compared to other European Universities, CyprusUni pinpoints ways to make it even cheaper. With built up experience, CyprusUni is an educational consultancy that offers Nigerians the chance to apply for both scholarships and admission into North Cyprus Universities. All this comes at no cost with the Grace Package. The package lists out a Swift Application Processing, 98% Scholarship Success, 99% Admission Success, 50% Scholarship Guaranteed, 24/7, Availability and Support, Visa Information Guidance, Airport Pickups, Assistance in Settling and many other benefits. 
The Grace and Premium Application Processing Packages are all you need
Europe has one of the best universities in the world; and the high ranking universities in North Cyprus with their several international accreditations are among the best. No wonder it is also called "The University Island". With just one form, you can apply to five higly respected universities in North Cyprus.  

Universities in Cyprus for International Students

Below are list of universities you can apply to as a foreign student in Cyprus. Click on each one below to get more details about them.
Major Cost to consider when studying abroad in Cyprus, Europe
Living Expense: USD 200 - USD 500 per month
Accomodation: USD 1800 - USD 5000 per year
Tuition Fees: see school list below
Nationality: Average Tuition Fees for Cyprus Universities per Academic Year
Cypriot/ Local Students: € 3400
EU Students: € 3600
Non-EU/International Students: €8000
Level of Study: Average Tuition Fees for Cyprus Universities per Academic Year
Bachelors: €3400-€ 4000
Masters: €2000- €7500
Ph.D.: €4000-€9000
Course Studied: Average Tuition Fees for Cyprus Universities per Academic Year 
Pharmacy-€ 7000
Other courses: € 3600
Type of University: Average Tuition Fees for Cyprus Universities per Academic Year
Private Universities: €8000-€ 18000
Public/State universities: €2000- € 3600
North Cyprus -- Rauf Denktas University
North Cyprus -- Cyprus West University
North Cyprus -- University of Kyrenia 
North Cyprus -- Cyprus International University
North Cyprus -- Near East University
North Cyprus -- Eastern Mediterranean University
North Cyprus -- European University of Lefke
Don't miss Admission into Cyprus International University for Fall Semester. Graduate and Undergraduate Programs are offered.
50% Scholarship Guaranteed for all Undergraduate Programs.
No TOEFL, NO GRE Required
No Application Fee
Visa Guaranteed
We will also assist You from Pre-application Procedures to Post-landing, even to Your Registration.
Note that we can also process Your Admission into any Other Top University and can get You Scholarship into some Universities.

To Apply, Send Us Scan Copy of the Following Documents for Evaluation.
For Masters Program
1. Data Page of International Passport.
2. Transcript
3. Degree Statement of Results
4. O Level Results
For Undergraduate Program
1. Data Page of International Passport
2. O Level Results
Agencies and Partners are welcome to Collaborate with Us in Recruiting Students into our Partnering Universities.
For more Info and to Apply,

NB: Afrideals Travels  is an individual agent who assist students by enrolling them into cyprus Universities and other universities Europe  Forms are only sold and processed in the University. We provide all necessary assistance to our students to enable them secure admission and accommodation into the university with extra charges.

Admission Into Eastern Mediterranean University, Near East University, Cyprus International University, And Girne American University .

Our above mentioned Universities are now Accepting Applications for February, 2017 Intake.
The following Courses are offered in both Undergraduate and Graduate Level: Medicine, Pilotage, Pharmacy, Nursing, Optometry, Dentistry, Law, Marine/Civil/Mechanical/Petroleum/Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Aviation, Marine Transportation and Management, Maritime Management and Transportation, Maritime Transportation and Logistics, Marine Biology, Ecology and Oceanography Maritime Transportation, Aviation, International Relation, Economics, Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Business Management, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Biochemistry etc.

50% Scholarship Guaranteed
No TOEFL, NO GRE Required
No Application Fee
Visa Guaranteed

We will also assist You from Pre-application Procedures to Post-landing, even to Your Registration.

To Apply, Send Us Scan Copy of the Following Documents to our Email for Evaluation.
For Masters Program
1. Data Page of International Passport.
2. Transcript
3. Degree Statement of Results
4. O Level Results
For Undergraduate Program
1. Data Page of International Passport
2. O Level Results

Agencies and Partners are also Invited to Collaborate with Us in Recruiting Students into these Universities.

Turkish Embassy Visa requirements for North Cyprus

Please get the most updated visa requirement and document list from the Turkish embassy website or office in the country you wish to apply for your visa in.
1. 6 months validity on passport --- An International Passport or travel document valid for at least 6 months after the expiry of your visa. N:B: Your passport must have at least two unused page for entry/departure visa endorsements.
2. Photocopy of passport (all pages)
3. Filled visa application form online or provided by the embassy (varies in each country)
4. A proof of the visa application fee payment (An original receipt).
5. A 29mm x 34mm, colored passport with white background (have at least two more copies just in case).
6. Admission and acceptance letter by the university (for student visa applicants).
A letter from your employer outlining the reason for your visit, who you will be meeting and details of any payment/expenses (for work visa applicants).
Letter of Invitation (for visitor visa applicants).
Travel Itinerary (for tourist visa applicants).
7. Payment receipts of school fees usually from bank (or email of transaction if you paid online)
8. Confirmation letter from the University acknowledging receipt of payment
9. Proof of basic education qualification, etc, diploma, certificate and SSCE (IGCSE/A LEVEL/WAEC/NECO) signed and approved by the ministry of education.
10. Guarantors letter signed by the sponsor and the student, stating that sponsor will cover all the expenses of the student and the student will never apply to any person or institution (including, university) for financial support or scholarship certified notary public.
11. A copy of certificate incorporation of the sponsor. (Only if student is using a company bank statement of account).
12. A copy of certificate of income tax clearance of sponsor. (Only if student is using a company bank statement of account).
13. Original approval reference letter from the bank branch manager.
14. Bank statement (maximum 3 months old) --- Financial documents to provide that you can financially sustain yourself in Cyprus. Yours or that of a close relative or from your sponsoring company or government.
These documents might include:– bank statements- proof of earnings or the financial document of a guardian in the Cyprus that has sufficient resources to financially support you.
15. (for Private medical treatment visa applicants) Letter from a doctor or consultant in Cyprus showing:
– Details of health condition
– Cost and duration of treatment
– Location of treatment (for Private medical treatment visa applicants).
Most of the documents cut across all the different types of Cyprus Visas and some are peculiar to the visa type needed. Submitting fake documents result in an abrupt closure of the visa application, and seizing of the documents. Original documents are mandatory for your application.
Please get the most updated visa requirement and document list from the Turkish embassy website or office in the country you wish to apply for your visa in.

Visa Process

The visa process is easy and straight forward. The universities and government demand that every student pays their first semester tuition as stated on your admission letter straight into the university bank account. This proves students’ commitment to study in Cyprus, not just to come here and play around. Once your tuition fee payment is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation letter to take to the embassy.
When you receive your confirmation letter, visit the nearest TRNC Representative Office with it and apply for a student visa. It’s important that you do this as soon as possible because visa processing can take a while – depending on the country you’re in.
When this is done, your journey is halfway complete. Students can get to North Cyprus either by air or sea travel.
Admission Letter
After submitting and paying your application fees stated above, your application starts being processed at once.
  • For Undergraduate, it takes 2 - 3 weeks to get a response. This fast that graduates because, an admission team reviews your application.
  • For Master and Phd, it takes 4 – 6 weeks to get a response. This is because for each of your course choices, the faculty for that program has to review your application. It is not done by a sing admission team.
Once you are admitted, we will send you the admission letters for each university.
First Tuition Payment & Scholarship
After you receive your admission letter, the scholarship you are granted will be stated on it. Usually you will be granted a 50% tuition fee scholarship.
On the letter you will also find:
  • the courses you were accepted for,
  • the tuition fees you are to pay,
  • the university bank account to pay to,
  • phone numbers and emails to confirmation your application and
  • details about the course, lecture, academic calendar, rules and regulations, and so on.
The universities and government require that you pay your first semester tuition to show your commit to come study and not play. Without paying your first semester tuition fees, you will not be given confirmation letter you need for visa.
Confirmation Letter
After using the information on your admission letter to pay to your first semester tuition, send us the proof of payment from the bank. If you paid online, send us the transaction Id, or screenshot of the payment confirmation page. After the university confirms your payment, we will send your confirmation letter to you for visa.
Visa (guaranteed or not?)
Student visa to come study in North Cyprus is easy to obtain. You apply for North Cyprus student visa from the closet Turkish embassy to you.
  • Once you have your admission letter
  • confirmation letter from university (proof of payment of first tuition fees)
  • and has provided documents requested by the embassy.
There is no reason to reject your student visa application. In all our dealings, our students have never been rejected visa. But we have heard of a few students (not our own) who were rejected because they didn’t get the documents needed. But when they reapplied, it was granted them.
Flight & Arrival
You are to arrival to North Cyprus through Ercan international Airport (you can only get to this airport through transit from Turkey. That’s why you get your visa at the Turkish embassy.)
Since this is your first time, it is recommended to book a Turkish Airline Flight. They have a direct route (with transits sometimes) to North Cyprus from most country. They are experience with students traveling to North Cyprus as the fly thousands of students each year to study.
The universities give 1 – 2 nights free stay for newly arrived students by the third night your should have settled your accommodation.
Things to bring along (this list is not the complete list but a guide)
Most airlines allow two luggage (23kg each) and one hand carry (8-10kg)
  • Cash (at least $500), most airports do NOT permit more than $5000 in cash.
  • Your debit/credit card (activated by your bank for international use) with at least your first semester funds in it. You can also open an account here and have the money sent to you. If this is the case, then come with more cash for use while you wait for money to be sent.
  • Cloths – something for both very hot (summer) and very cold weather (winter)
  • Some plate, cup, spoon, fork, knife (in your main luggage, not hand carry)
  • You laptop and smart phone (advisable to come with them, they are most likely going to be more expensive here)
  • Some dry food provisions (at least for your first few days – in main luggage.
Airport Pickup
The universities give 1 – 2 nights free stay for newly arrived students by the third night your should have settled your accommodation.
  • If you applied using our premium package (see above),
    • our staff will be at the airport here in North Cyprus to transport students to the various university campuses.
    • When you arrival at the campus, our staff will help us for the next 30 days to settle down,
    • get your legal and medical document from the government offices,
    • open your bank accounts (dollar & local)
    • arrange accommodation for the semester or the year (as you wish)
    • and complete new student and course registration for that semester.
    • Any many more.
  • If you applied through the grace package, when you arrival at the airport, you can find a bus or taxi that will transport you to your university city/campus. At the campus, find the students service office or the international student office to get the new students guide book. In it, you will find the orientation days (if you are late, it might have passed, and if you are early, you will have to wait for it.
We are Excited to Have You -- why study in North Cyprus, Europe
  • Its cheap and affordable
  • Apply to over 6 prominent universities in Europe, Cyprus with just one online application.
  • Guaranteed 50% Tuition Fee Scholarship.
  • It fun and internationally multicultural with students from over 105 countries
  • North Cyprus has accredited top ranking Universities in Europe
  • Take this opportunity to network and build solid relationships with other international students
  • You may find your spouse or your next academic or business partner here.
  • It’s a better learning experience in a new multicultural environment at affordable prices.
  • This is great for your strong future career.
  • The state-of-the-art learning facilities, qualified professional lecturers and entirely multicultural environment create a great education experience.
  • And a certificate from such high ranking accredited universities makes it easier for you to find jobs after school.
  • Opportunity to experience premium European education and hence make you a better standard and more appealing in the job market.

Our “With Counselor Premium Service Package” ensures you travel and settle into your school campus without any hitches.
Everything in With Counselor Service Package,
application up to your desire university, counselling and assistance to ensure that your visa application and acquisition is successful. Also we will guide with flight and travel needs and information. Then Campus settlement – our settling staff in Cyprus will arrange for your airport pickup, help you arrange your accommodation on/off campus, immigration & residence permit, on campus course registration, assistance and guidance for 30 days after your arrival, and many more.
  • All that is in WITH COUNSELOR PACKAGE:
  • Guidance on Visa Acquisition
  • Flight Booking Advice
  • Meeting at the Airport after arrival
  • Search for Accommodation (on-campus / off-campus)
  • Registration on campus for first semester
  • Immigration and Residence Permit Processes
  • Consultancy and support for 30 days after arrival.
This service covers your from the research stage to 30 days after you have arrived to your study abroad campus abroad.

What’s the Cost?
The Premium Package 
This service covers your from the research stage to 30 days after you have arrived to your study abroad campus abroad.
Over the years, we have noticed a trend that students who are able to pay the service fees were serious study abroad applicants and could actually afford the universities tuition fees after being granted admission.
So our counselors go the extra-mile, to support these type of students to ensure they get admitted.
Since 2015, we have been serving international students worldwide who wish to gain admission and scholarship for their studies abroad. 
Now we serve over 2000 international students every month through our various sites.
You can contact us through email, whatsapp or phone call — here


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